Home Ranch Firsts

The staff and guests are skiing at The Home Ranch and it is great.  I believe that I have accomplished all the firsts that I can for the year.  Here’s what I have thus far: My first ski of the season Timber’s first ski trip The first trip around the expanded lower meadow loop First realization that I am out of skiing shape First ski around the meadow with Joanie and Sharon First trip down the newly improved No Tomorrow And of course, first wipeout! I’ll keep you updated if I can add anything to my list of firsts.  I look … Continued

Winter has arrived

This weekend brought a winter storm warning to northwest Colorado.  I think we can officially say that winter has begun.  The ranch is covered in six inches of beautiful powder.  Mike went out for a ski yesterday and said, ‘it was GREAT!’  We are all looking forward to a wonderful winter, just like last.  Well, maybe with a little less snow… Share this: