Fresh Powder!

With four inches of fresh powder that fell during the night, we are reminded that winter is still here to stay for a while. With elk tracks and snowshoe hare prints recently laid in the snow, other creatures have also left evidence of winter fun… Herringbone patterns, telemark turns and snowshoing tracks are all sure signs that The Home Ranch remains a prime location for laughter, good times and winter exploration! Kevin Shon Share this:

On Being a Dude Rancher

The other evening, while enjoying another wonderful meal prepared by Chef Philippe, one of our guests suggested that I write a book about my life on the ranch. We sat at our long tables and I told a few of the more entertaining stories that I could remember. It’s always a fun evening swapping tales over dessert. Though I have had many interesting, funny and sad, experiences, I’m not sure that I have enough material to make for much reading. However, I would like to share with you some of the aspects of being so fortunate to be a dude … Continued

Warmer Temperatures in sight!

With the latest cold front well on its way, the warmer temperatures have left the snow in perfect condition.  While out for a late afternoon ski the powder is prime for cross country skiing, snowshoeing or even a sunset stroll… With freshly groomed trials and warmer weather on the rise, The Home Ranch is excited to make your winter skiing memorable! Share this:

Freshly Groomed Trails!

Recent storms have brought 12 inches of fresh Champagne powder to The Home Ranch with more snow on the horizon.  The powder has been transformed into smooth trails, perfect for classic and skate skiing.  We are all excited to get out on the trails! Share this:

New Snow!

After a long, dry spell it has finally snowed at The Home Ranch!  Yesterday and last night brought 6 inches of fresh powder.  Dan was out early this morning grooming the trails, and it is as good as it gets!  While most guests stayed on the ranch to enjoy the improved conditions, a few ventured off-ranch to seek out more powder. A great time was had by all! Share this: