18th Annual Home Ranch 18th Annual Home Ranch Sale & Artisan Market

Saturday, September 13th

Gates open at 9am

Come to The Home Ranch Saturday, September 13th for our 18th Annual Canadian Sport Horse Sale.
Demos with Curt Pate & Andy Kurtz
Enjoy Farm Tours & Our Local Artisan Market
Craft Beer Tasting & Live Music to Follow the Sale
Horse viewing begins at 9:00 a.m. and the sale will start at 1:00 p.m.
Lunch is available to all who come to the auction.
Please call our front desk at 970.879.1780 for more details on the sale.

Details About The Horses and The Sale

Gord Jessiman of Jessiman Equine is auctioning excellent four-month old sport horses from Canada. 
New this year we will also have consignment saddle horses. Interested consigners, Please Call our Front Desk.   

View Example Catalog Of Sale

This years sale catalog is still under construction.

The Horses and Their Breeders

Jessiman Equine breeds and raises performance and sport horses. Canadian Sport Horses are bred to excel in any discipline from ranch, to three-day eventing, to pleasure riding. The Jessimans have been breeding horses for decades. Gord used to breed horses for the Pregnant Mare Urine program (PMU) and bring his foals to The Home Ranch to share bloodlines in a unique market in Colorado. Now, Gord brings his foals to The Home Ranch to sell because he knows they are going to have good lives, and be put in good homes. From their first interaction on our ranch, they are in gentle hands - learning human interaction, lunging, and being put on a lead.

After the Sale

We have kept tabs on many of the horses sold and many of these horses are on the hunter/jumper circuit. One is a pickup horse in the rodeo, one is fox hunting in Alabama, and many have been added to our dude string as they are so reliable, with great dispositions and great size. Our neighbor Sharon uses Guiness for pleasure riding and just started him driving a wagon.

"I found your information while doing some random surfing. I just thought that I'd get in touch with you, as I realized that I have a horse that probably came from your sale originally. His sire is Ice Caper and his dam is Jewel. His name is Guinness and he is registered under the Performance Horse Registry as Its Good for You. I just thought you might be interested in him and what he's doing. I bought him from a dressage trainer just before he turned 3. I am an eventer and originally worked with him with help, from a dressage trainer. I have been working, more recently, with jumping trainers and now another advanced level eventer. Guinness went on to compete and place 4th in the Young Event Horse competition at the Colorado Horse Park, I was so proud of him. He also has done several schooling dressage shows, in which he has always placed. He gets noticed by riders and trainers everywhere he goes. He is a brave cross country horse and a talented dressage horse. Most of all, he has an amazing mind." Heide Andersen