Table to Farm at The Home Ranch

Organic Gardens, Greenhouse, and Ranch-Raised Livestock ~ A Vision Realized

For many years, former Executive Chef Clyde Nelson had been imagining and planning an organic farm at The Home Ranch that would produce local, sustainable, high-quality livestock and vegetables. After years of hard work and dedication, his dream is now a reality.

Clyde says that the farm has “several objectives: one is to give our guests the experience of eating and dining with the freshest ingredients they've ever had - and the second is to show guests how a high-country organic farm in Colorado can thrive with hands-on care and attention to detail shown by our master gardener Allison Mecklenburg with her crew and the chefs.”

The genesis for the farm grew out of Steve and Ann Stranahan's heralded Upper Elk River Valley Compact that envisioned supporting and sustaining a local ranching and farming community with “an ongoing commitment to the stewardship of the land and community of Clark and the Upper Elk River Valley.”

The goal for the next generation of the Stranahan family is to help “nourish and foster the growth of ideas and sustainable businesses in the Clark valley; to remain true to its founders' vision.” Clyde’s expanding organic farm is a new feature of The Home Ranch that manifests our founders vision, and also keeps alive the historical agricultural traditions of Routt County.

We encourage guests to visit and stroll through Clyde’s Farm. We hope it will become an ideal classroom to demonstrate the Farm-to-Table movement for the whole community. We look forward to seeing the harvest and savoring the fresh flavors of the chef's meals.

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