Fall Vacations

Autumn Getaways For Adults

Autumn comes early to The Home Ranch and brings a sublime, golden season to the Elk River Valley. It is a slower-paced time of year, when kids have all returned to school, and the atmosphere at the ranch beckons to adult travelers who have time to savor the season, sans kiddos.
The days are crisp, clear, and golden; the aspen groves shimmer with inner light, and the fly fishing is exceptional. It is a prime time for deep relaxation, serious leisure, long gourmet dinners, and crackling fires.
To take advantage of this special season, we structure unique September weeks to cater to the interests of the adult traveler. Please check out the offerings below and call us if you would like further clarification of each week's events.

Horseback Riding Vacations at Colorado Dude Ranch


Adults Only Weeks ~ 2015

August 30th - September 20th

This year, we will kick off our adult only weeks August 30th, these weeks are reserved for adult travelers only (no kids). Excellent fly fishing, exceptional weather, fall colors and gourmet dining will bring travelers from around the world to savor the sights of the Elk River Valley in Autumn.

Harvest Weeks

August 30 - September 2, September 2 - 6September 6 -13

This fall, we are dedicating the last week of August and the first week of September to the handcrafted glories of Colorado's great craft brewers, distillers, wineries and artisans. Come and celebrate the harvest of Chef Clyde's Farm and Farm Kitchen.  These weeks you can stay for 3 nights or 4 nights, Sunday to Wednesday or Wednesday to Sunday.  For more information on Harvest Weeks, please click here. 


Weanling Week

September 13 - 20

During this week, the guests of The Home Ranch are given the unique opportunity to interact with 6 month old horses for the first time in their lives, teaching them how to lead and how to trust people. For more information on this week, please click here.

Experience Yoga and Horses

With Tammy Pate and Janice Baxter

Quite simply, the best of horseback riding & yoga retreats. For more detailed information please click this link.