The Last Days of Winter?

As the days get longer and warmer, I find myself torn between wishing for more snow and praying for warm sunny days to melt the snow. I know it sounds like the answer should be easy after five months of winter, but it’s not.

There is nothing like a fresh groomed trail, or untouched hillside, when you stop and take in the vista in front of you and the beautiful tracks that you made behind you. Whether you are skate skiing around Lodwick Loop, making tele turns in the backcountry or cross country skiing around the ranch, new snow means great skiing and trail conditions – no one can argue with that.

There is also the peace that comes with slow falling flakes. There is a beauty that can not be explained, but has to be experienced, as you watch children try to catch the flakes on their tongues.  As spring break time approaches for many families around the country, the ranch will be filled with the enthusiasm of children that are seeing snow for the first time.

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