A Break in the Storm

As I skied yesterday, I was trying to compose this post, but I couldn’t decide what to write about…it is no different this morning. So I apologize if my thoughts are all over the place.

It was a beautiful day – the sun was shining and there wasn’t a cloud in the bluebird sky, which meant that it was cold.   I thought that I would just enjoy the views from indoors, but then I saw the groomer making its way around the South Meadow.  Even a cross country skier can’t resist freshly groomed trails and the opportunity to make first tracks. Those that put on their skis and snowshoes and braved the below zero wind chill, were rewarded with pristine trails and breathtaking views.

As I scooted along the bottom of the meadow I was tempted to turn around and return to the warmth of the house and Grayson’s toothless grin. However, my guide had a different idea. He was in need of a workout, and truthfully, so was I. As we stopped for a moment, I was able to appreciate the breathtaking views of the Elk River Valley. When I see the valley under a fresh blanket of snow, I am reminded how lucky I am to call this home. The peace and serenity that settles over you can’t be described, it has to be experienced.

The South Meadow is as far south as you can get on the ranch and it provides you a look back at the ranch and all the trails that crisscross it.  It is a view that I love and probably have a hundred pictures of with Hahn’s Peak and Farwell Mountain in the distance.  Today, I had to capture the moment again.  As I put my ‘camera’ away, a small black dot appeared on Teepee Creeper kicking and gliding.  I was not the only one out enjoying the sunshine and trails, I watched as long as I could before my tingling fingers reminded me that it was cold and the sun would be setting soon.

The clouds returned overnight with the chance of more snow in the forecast for tonight and tomorrow.  Steamboat received over 40 inches of snow from the last storm. That brings the total snow fall this year to over 300 inches.  Everyone is comparing this to the epic Champagne Powder we received two years ago and is wondering if we will beat the record… Until then I will continue to enjoy each ski.

Hope you can join me,
Selina Heintz

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