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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Dude Ranch Vacations

If you've never been to a dude ranch in Colorado, or any dude ranch before, you might be wondering, well, what is a dude ranch? And, are we really dudes? And what makes a dude ranch vacation different from say, going on a cruise, or going to Disneyland, or just camping or hoteling our way across the West? Well, the big difference, right off the bat, is horses and horseback riding (and no giant mouse). You can't ride horses on a cruise ship. And the truth is, you can't ride a horse at Disneyland either, unless you are a police officer, or a Disney Prince with long, flowing hair. Horses are one of the main components of a dude ranch vacation. We've got 100 of them in our meadows, horses of all colors and kinds, and we know one thing for certain, human beings are fascinated by horses. And there is a very powerful, ancient connection between people and horses that we love to nurture, and that actually transforms people's lives; and we love teaching kids to ride horses. We think the connection we foster between kids and horses is likely the most unique thing about a dude ranch vacation. Horseback riding takes a kid, (and an adult for that matter), out of the typical consumer, entertainment mode and makes them an active participant in their own Western adventure. Who doesn't want the chance to feel like a cowboy or a cowgirl for a week, and ride beside the Continental Divide? That's something people never forget about a dude ranch vacation.

Horseback Riding Vacations at Colorado Dude Ranch

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Why a Dude Ranch Vacation is Like a Great Colorado Road Trip, Without the Road

Last summer, my wife and I planned an epic tour of Colorado with her sister's family of four. We had two vehicles full of adults, kids, camping gear, and great expectations. We had a good time, but we both came home more exhausted than when we left. The sheer logistical madness of figuring out where to stay, where to eat, what to do, how to do it, and even if we should do it, left us all feeling like Napoleon after Waterloo, (except the kids, of course.) And though we thought we might save a little money by camping sometimes and just following our bliss, we came home shell shocked from our travel expenses. We should have gone to a dude ranch. Perhaps the greatest pleasure of a dude ranch vacation at The Home Ranch is that you can have all of the adventures and activities of a great Colorado road trip right from the door of our main lodge. Once you arrive, all of the things people love about Colorado are right in our backyard. Horseback riding, whitewater rafting, fly Fishing, Rocky Mountain hikingskiing, sleigh rides, big roaring campfires, all of it, without ever having to plan anything or drive anywhere. It's like extremely fancy camping with gourmet cuisine at every meal.

We Take Care of the Details. You Can Just Follow Your Whims...

An all inclusive vacation at The Home Ranch means we take care of everything from picking you up at the Hayden Airport, taking you horseback riding in the shadow of the Continental Divide, or catering to your gluten free diet. We have been praised for fostering an "atmosphere of lazy indulgence." What that means is we stand poised and ready to take care of your whims so that you can do whatever you feel like doing.

How to Plan Your Stay at One of Colorado's Best Dude Ranches

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